V Detectives

LOGLINE: When a small Hungarian town in 1799 is plagued by murders by an unknown assailant, help arrives in the form of two mysterious women who are the hidden connection with the murderer reveals that all along it was a trap for them in order to unveil their own dark secret.

Genre: Action
Duration: 100 Minutes
Languages: English
Location: Budapest, Hungary
Producing Partner: Falcon Grove, Origo Film Group (HU), Digital Cube (RO), European Film Bond (UK)
Year: 2019
Writers: Jeff Solema, Johan Ingler
 Jeff Solema, Samantha Machado, David Grover
Cinematographer: Michel Amathieu 
Director: Jeff Solema

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Disclaimer: V Detectives Tone Reel – Original clips belong to their respective companies and not intended for any commercial use.

Winner at South Eastern European Film Festival 2017 for Best Project at their Accelerator Program.

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