I was recently at Cannes this year. It’s always a blessing and a privilege to attend the biggest film festival and film market in the world. I was able to check out the latest upcoming films and trends. I was also able to attend a few forums with Film Finance by Winston & Baker and Screen UK Industry’s forum on doing a co-production within the UK and working with the UK Film Commission.

I was also able to talk with sales agents, distributors, and buyers to see what everyone was looking for and what was trending. There’s a plethora of knowledge to be had when attending Cannes, you just have to know where to look and ask the right questions.

Also, it’s all about who you meet and I met a lot of new people and friends within the industry from all over the world. Making the right connections can be the difference between getting your film greenlit and the opportunities there. Now, it’s all about taking the initiative, action, and a lot of work in getting some of GEM’s projects going.

I’m excited for the future and what’s to come!


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