Go East Media (GEM) is the next-generation media company with a focus on original content production, financing, and digital web content for virtual reality (VR) and distribution infused with the latest encrypted technology as it allows it.

Our goal is to create high-quality sophisticated feature films with name-talent attachments; either through co-production and/or assist with financing to get the film made, and assist with worldwide distribution through our contacts of sales agents and distributors.

A division solely focusing on new digital web content using the latest technology that will provide the ever-growing demand for virtual reality (VR) and will allow GEM to provide leading-edge shows, films, and games to help build and add to the VR universe. Our first venture will be tested with “V Detectives” as we want this to be a tie-in with a gaming system and VR experience that will be created while filming on set.

GEM will strive to be a leader in entertainment by mixing new and cutting-edge technology with protected fresh, raw content to give consumers and studios what they envision.

Email: jsolema@goeastmedia.com

Some Upcoming Projects: