2024 Period/Drama/Thriller 1h 55m

Mandarin with English Subtitles

Not Yet Rated – It Does Contain Violence and Nudity

4K Color

Available For All Territories Except China

Our latest feature film from China will be released theatrically later this year in mainland China. We are working with our producing partners out of Beijing to help this film reach its global viewing potential.

We are seeking a sales/distribution partner to help us assist in showing XiShi to the world. All territories are available except for China.

Go East Media is attached as a consultant and executive producing partner to advise with global sales and distribution.

Logline: In ancient China, impoverished Xishi becomes the most desired beauty. She is tasked with seducing a rival king. She sparks political turmoil, becoming a pawn in a deadly game of power between two warring states, where survival means navigating treacherous waters of love, loyalty, and deception.