The Virgin of Highland Park

(AKA: All The Leaves Have Fallen)

The Virgin of Highland Park

Starring: Penelope Ann Miller, Dermot Mulroney, Jamie Lynn-Sigler
Written by: Miguel Alcantud, Sonia Sebastian
Director: Sonia Sebastian
Producers: Jeff Solema, Sonia Sebastian
Casting Director: Lisa London & Catherine Stroud
US 2019

THE VIRGIN OF HIGHLAND PARK is an inspirational coming-of-age drama, in the vein of Lady Bird and Eight Grade. It is an uncomfortably visceral, and sometimes, candid portrait of what it’s like to grow up through the eyes of a puzzled, pregnant teenager in a working-class neighborhood. This is my third feature and my most personal work.

With a realistic tone, and moments of magic, THE VIRGIN OF HIGHLAND PARK, is a film about choices. I’m presenting a virgin protagonist who finds the strength to decide for herself amid the chaos society creates around what a woman’s options may be. We really believe that is an important story to tell in this time in the US.

Deadline article from October 16th 2019.